Getting ready for Winter

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front lately. We’ve had near to nothing when it has come to rain the last few months. The paddocks have dried out, but we’ve still had our brassica crops to get us through. Making sure we are rotating the stock through the paddocks at the right time to ensure the highest quality feed is always available to them had been our top priority.

 The last few weeks we’ve taken a punt with mother nature and have spent long days in the tractors to plant pasture. We’re gently tilling the ground to make a lovely, soft seed bed then direct seeding into this. We’re putting in a rye grass mix. We’re thanking our lucky stars because yesterday and today our gamble paid off! We’ve had beautiful rain the last two days so we should see some lovely seed strike and green shoots in the next few days.

The fresh green shoots will provide wonderful, nutrient rich sweet feed for our lambs and ewes over the autumn/winter months and into spring. Well that’s the plan anyway! So far with only a few mechanical delays we’ve been going well. Any farmer knows, running repairs are almost ongoing – chains snapping, seeders getting blocked, having to get covered in grease and dirt and oil while trying to fix the above. It is all part of a day’s work – rain, hail or shine.

On the business front we also spent some time opening a ‘Pop- up shop’ in Stockland Wetherill Park which was fantastic. We really enjoyed our time there and thank everyone for your support. At times, it felt a little bit like David and Goliath as we were placed directly outside both the big supermarkets but we had a good stream of people interested in where their produce really comes from and many great reports.

We’ll be having a new drop of lambs coming in about 3-4 weeks and our rams will be going out again in the next few days. They’ve been enjoying their time off – and the roses around the house are a little worse for wear after the rams came to visit!

Hope you are all keeping well and we will be back soon with some more updates from the farm.




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