Springing along - Shearing

 To mark the real onset of spring the December / January born  lambs were brought in for shearing.

We had a good team of three shearers led by local lad Luke, our friendly neighbour. The shearing shed is set up with three stands and in a way that allows a constant flow of lambs to the shearers, this maximises efficiency and minimises  stress for the lambs. With the team of three shearers we managed to shear 520 lambs in the day.

Our lambs are shorn to ensure they are comfortable in the summer months and to help reduce the effect of flystrike. Fleece weights vary by genetics and breed and our lambs are not bred for wool yields but despite this were able to  make 4 bales of wool between 150 and 200kg  that can later be sold.    Our wool classer/agent was on hand to give his professional advice on the sorting of the wool.  Each flock was assessed and allocated to the corresponding quality classes with belly wool, black wool and coloured pieces separated.  The wool was tested by the Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) and we were quite pleased with the results which returned an average fibre diameter of 20.3 microns, an average length of 75mm and an average of 2.8kg of wool per lamb.
The mob of lambs were returned to the paddock by evening and are well prepared for the spring and summer months ahead.   The shearers will be back on the farm in a few weeks to shear the main mob of ewes.