Gourmet Lamb Packs

Gourmet packs...for the little bit fancy in everyone.

Our Gourmet packs are ideal for special occassions or for when you want to impress family and friends. They're also perfect for everyday dinners, especially if you feel like spoiling yourself.  Most of the bones and excess fat has been expertly removed by experienced butchers and is ready for you to create your own masterpieces to enjoy.

**Please be aware that as the lamb comes cryovaced, the meat is in an oxygen depleted environment. This means that the wet ageing process will occur during refrigerated shelf life. Wet aging results in even more tender lamb without effecting taste or quality. This is why you see absorption pads in meat packaging - they are designed to absorb these meat juices.
You may experience a confinement odour and some discouloration of meat juices depending on length of time since the packed date.
To prepare wet aged meat simply rinse off the  excess meat juice and let lamb stand to breathe for 10 – 15 minutes prior to cooking. You will notice the meat regain it's natural colour and smell.


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