Where is Oberon?  Oberon is a town in the central tablelands of New South Wales.  It is located around 2.5 hours west of Sydney.  The farm is located approximately 12 km from Oberon.

How large is your farm? Our farm is 1358 acres (or 550 hectares) of beautiful soil rolling hills and pasture.  We currently have 3500 Primeline sheep and lamb and around 150 Angus cattle.

How long have you been there?  The farm has been in the family for three generations. It was established from a settlement block after World War II by Tim’s grandfather who was a gunner in the air force.

What type of sheep and cattle do you raise? All of our sheep are Primeline and our cattle are Angus, known as Aberdeen Angus.

Are you organic?  We are not a certified organic farm as we will drench the lambs and reserve the right to use antibiotic to treat any animal that requires on a case by case basis for welfare reasons.

What is the difference between grass-fed and grain fed?  When raised on natural pastures lamb and beef have been tested to show higher levels of Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs) compared to that of grain fed livestock.  These are the healthy fats, which are known to improve brain function, promote weight-loss and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Research has also shown that grass-fed meats are full of a number of other nutrients and anti-oxidants such as vitamin-E, beta carotene and Vitamin-C.

What meat goes into your sausages? Our sausages are a mixture of our prime grass-fed lamb and beef offcuts.  We are proud that our sausages are award winning, handmade and are available with or without natural casings. Our sausages are always gluten free.

Are your products gluten free?  Our products (including our sausages and koftas) are gluten free.

Where are your animals processed? When? Currently all of our beef and lamb are processed at Oberon Meat Processors. However, in the very near future we are working towards building our own butchering facility on the property.

What are the advantages of the Cryovac packaging?  Cryovac is essentially vacuum packing.  Vacuum sealing effectively locks out air and locks in quality.  Cryovac packaging is known as ‘wet ageing’ because once packed, the meat continues to tenderise and improve in a refrigerated environment for up to six weeks. Cryovac packaging also protects against bacterial spoilage and frost burn once the product is frozen. 

How much of the lamb carcass do you utilise? We use 100% of every carcass, however we do not use the offal.

How old are your lambs when they are processed?  Our lambs are between 6 months and 11months old when they are processed.

What hormones/growth promotants are used when producing your animals?  None.  We do not use any hormones or growth promoatants at all.  Our sheep and cattle grow at a natural rate and are raised and finished on grass.

How do I pre-order large quantities?  Large orders can be placed on our website and we have order forms available at our market stalls. If you wish to discuss your order please contact us by email, phone or face to face at a farmers market. 

Can you do special orders? We always do our best to accommodate special requests. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

How do I know your site is secure? Our website is fully compliant with SSL certificate requirements. This ensures your payment information is safe and secure when completing checkout. We also offer Paypal and direct bank transfer. Orders are confirmed as soon as the payment is received.

How will my order be packaged - Can I recycle it?  We use the clever Woolcool insulation system which is made from Sheep’s wool that is sustainable and a highly effective natural insulation material and eco-friendly packaging product.  Woolcool therefore fits well with our ethos and offers impressive performance keeping our packages cool for longer; it has been proven to keep produce below 5 degrees for up to 48 hours!

Most of our orders will be packed in cardboard boxes made from recycled packaging. This protects your goods during transit and can be recycled with your household cardboard.   Smaller orders may be placed in WoolCool pouches which can be reused. 


What is our bank details for direct bank transfer payment?

Bank- NAB
Account Name: Down to Earth Produce
BSB: 082 441
Account Number: 407567332