Our Farm

'Ambleside' was started by Tim's Grandparents. They began working the land and living in a small shed until the farm was able to provide enough to build the homestead. Through dedication and hard work, they were able to purchase adjoining land, growing the property to what it is today.
Before Ambleside was started some paddocks were buzzing with gold fever. Paddocks such as 'The Diggings' have remnant 'pot-holes' which during the gold-rush era were created by  those searching for a chance at Eureka. 
Our geographical locations allows us to have very 4 distinct and stunning seasons. Perfect summer days, not too hot, not too cold. Autumns of changing colours and leaves blowing in the breeze. Winters that bring snowfalls deep enough to build snow-sheep and springs made of more colours than you could imagine.
The soils on 'Ambleside' are mainly volcanic, basalt  soils  with an average annual rainfall of 800mls. The rain falls evenly throughout the year meaning we are able to grown rich, nutritious pasture year round. These pastures are a mix of rye grass, fescue, clover, cocks-foot, chicory, lucerne, phalaris and  native grasses. We choose to manage our pastures without chemicals as much as possible and use organic fertilisers such as chicken manure to keep them growing strong. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our holistic management practices, ensuring our animals grow in a stress-free, happy environment and produce the most succulent lamb on the market.